Cool gadgets does not necessarily refer to James Bond-style gadgets. Cool gadgets refers to a set of electronics that are unique in their use or rarity. The reason could be almost anything. A calculator is not considered a cool gadget. However, cool electronic binoculars that have night vision and adjustors could be. It is obvious that there are many factors that make cool gadgets more desirable than less-cool ones. Although it could be tedious to list all of them, there are some factors that you will find here.

* A New Technology – Only a few manufacturers understood the importance of Bluetooth and integrated it into their phones. These cell phones were considered “cool devices”. One example of a cool gadget is the iPhone, iPad or Smartphone. Although the Amazon Kindle is a great gadget, there are other options.

* Rarity – If you and your friends have it and everyone you know has it, it’s no longer a cool gadget even though it’s an iPhone. Imagine this: If everyone in your circle had a candy bar-shaped cell phone, then one of your friends would have had a great cell phone. That would have been quite a cool gadget.

* Cool Brand Name – This is simplicity at its best. Some brand names are more cool than others. While the name Barbecue Propane Gauge sounds boring, the Xbox is cool.

These are just a few of the many reasons cool gadgets stand apart from others. Because there are always people who disagree, it is not universally accepted. It is accepted by the majority of geeks as a cool device and goes down in history as such.

Cool gadgets have had a remarkable year. There were some amazing gadgets on the market this year. The computer’s size was gradually shrinking and its features increasing exponentially, and vacuum tube computers became desktops, laptops, and then tablets. They can be described as “amazing” in one word. Although the Windows phone has been critically acclaimed, it has not received much attention from the public. Perhaps because people think it will be too bug-ridden. The Android phone, on the other hand was very well received by the majority. With the latest 3DTVs, you can change how you watch TV. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect, which is compatible with Nintendo Wii, can revolutionize the idea of gaming. These were just a few of the coolest gadgets last year, but 2010 was full of innovative products.

Vacuum tubes are still a distant memory, but you’ve already surpassed the age of desktops. With any luck, you now have a decent laptop. The next step in the electronics chain is a tablet computer. It comes without a keyboard or mouse. If you plan to buy a tablet, you will need to get used to touching screens. A tablet is a combination of a PDA and a notebook computer. This is why it can be called a cool gadget. This is an electronic version of the chalkboard and black slate that you used in the past. You can use the virtual keyboard or the stylus to write on the screen – it all depends on your preference. It can do everything a normal computer can, and more. You can dock it to use a keyboard, a mouse, and even a larger monitor. A convertible tablet is one that has a detachable keyboard. The slate tablet, on the other hand, comes with a regular screen. Its portability and size make it a great gadget for people who travel a lot or need to be mobile all the time. Tablets can often be as costly as you would like. Although you hear many rumors about $100 tablets being available, it is better to get the lowest priced tablet for $300 and know that it will work. Tablets that cost more than a thousand dollars can be expensive. Tablets are ideal for teens, travelers, businessmen, and regular Internet users because of their compactness, innovation, and technology.