Nowadays phones are a must as it plays a great role in our day-to-day life. However, most of the time while working on different sites, for example working on a construction site, there are high chances of the phone getting damaged. Hence here we are going to discuss things with which you can provide your phone with extra protection.

Where to get the best phone covers?

Keeping the demands of the phone in today’s generation in mind, many phone accessories shop has been opened where you can find a variety of phone cases. However, finding suitable cases could be difficult. Smartivhas best products starting from phone accessories to computer accessories. Where you will find high-quality products at the most reasonable price.

Why phone cases are important?

The major purpose of the phone case is to protect the phone from any accident or from falling. Whereas it also provides the phone with a cooler look. You can also get a customized phone case or can design your phone cover too. It also makes it easier to find your phone among similar phones.

Phone covers that you must try

There are various designs of phone cases that vary with different models of the phone. However, let’s discuss some of the latest trending designs of phone cases. Here are the different varieties of phone cases:

  • Casemate tank: it is considered as one of the strongest phone protectors, as it has been claimed that in terms of power it even surpasses the military level of viability. It is made up of two layers. The outer layer is made up of rugged polycarbonate whereas the interiors is made with silicon that acts as a shock absorbent and protects the phone from accidents.

It also protects the phone from extremely harsh weather conditions like rain. However, it is quite expensive. Its average price is about $20.

  • G-Form: itis specially designed for iPhones and iPads. It has an outer layer of polycarbonate and patented reactive Protection technology that provides extra resistance against stress or any high force. It is specially designed to protect the phone from heights. Its average cost is about $35 to $75.
  • Ballistic Hardcore: it provides phone protection with its four layers. They are an outer layer, a screen protector, a silicon shock layer, and a core layer with a belt clip for easy accessibility. Together they protect the phone from scratches, shock, height, and any higher force against it. Its average price is around $22.
  • Otter box defender:  it is available for all kinds of phones and tablets. It possesses three components. However, its outer cover is made up of polycarbonate whereas the inner one has a silicon cushion that acts as a shock absorbent. Just like ballistic hardcore, it has a thick chip belt that provides easy accessibility. It costs around $25 to $56.


Now that you have a good idea about the various designs of phone cases that are available on the market, find a suitable one for your phone.

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