Quality Backlink Monitoring Can Help Improve Website SEO

Quality backlink monitoring helps to manage and organize incoming links to your website using specially designed tools. Links are vital for website SEO, so it is sensible to have a strategy for not only managing but also monitoring backlink profiles. Authoritative content helps to rank for relevant keywords. In the same way, backlinks assure search bots about page authority. 

Professional SEO and marketing agency or webmasters focus a lot on building and managing incoming link portfolios. So, backlink monitoring is a vital component during SEO audits. Links are thought to be references inserted on a web page. When users click on it they are directed to another relevant resource. Text links in HTML code enclosed in the <aherf>tag are common but your link profile possibly contains other link types

  • Image links – Google bots cannot read images, so if you use the image as a link then the bots will use text in Title and Alt tags.
  • Nofollow links – It is a link attribute that conveys to the search bots not to follow but rather focus on other architecture on the website. 
  • JS link – JavaScript-generated links are not crawlable, so may not work to your benefit.

When links work well they have the potential to send authority to your website. So, ensure to add image links for a bot to understand its context. The nofollow attribute tells the bot not to pass link equity to the linked page. 

Reasons why backlink management is vital

Inbound links are the links directed from another site to your website. It was the most valuable ranking factor on Google. 

Google uses links to evaluate website authority. It is based on a belief that worthy platforms will have more links directed towards them from other websites. 

Links are similar to popularity votes —more votes mean more popularity. 

How to gain backlinks?

For more search visibility understand how to analyze the backlink profile of your website. Use different tactics for acquiring new inbound links. Google may penalize your site, so it is necessary to know backlink analysis. To recover from the Google penalty, you need to identify the problem and resolve it as quickly as you can.

Backlinks are not vital for SEO but are worthy referral traffic sources. Make sure that you receive high-quality and relevant backlinks from authoritative platforms. 

 Backlinks even help in building a brand. As you receive links from other sites, the followers of those platforms are exposed to your products or services. Link building even helps in attracting new users. Helping potential customers in resolving their dilemmas via informative content and participating in forums make you a niche expert. So, make sure to create and post amazing content or you cannot obtain links. 

Backlink audit

It is essential to protect your website from getting penalized for malicious links. Even established websites can have spammy links, so it is essential to regularly perform a backlink audit. If you detect spammy incoming links then reach out to the website owner and ask for removal. If they don’t respond then disavow the toxic links. Disavow list submission to Google will influence the bots to disregard the toxic backlinks when they crawl your website. 

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