When it comes down to electrical services, Level 2 electricians are crucial. These professionals possess the training and certification to carry out complex electrical tasks. This goes beyond the capabilities that Level 1 electricians have. Understanding the responsibilities, skills, and qualifications of Level 2-certified electricians is essential for any homeowner or business owner who is looking to improve their electrical infrastructure. In this article, you’ll learn about the roles and responsibilities of Level 2 electricians.

What is a Level II Electrician?

They are electrical experts who have advanced qualifications and skills. These electricians are authorized to carry out many tasks beyond those of Level 1 Electricians. While Level I electricians are skilled at electrical installation and repair, Level II electricians work on the distribution network. This means they can deal with electrical systems that are high-voltage and are responsible for connecting properties to or disconnecting them from the electric network.

Key Responsibilities of Level 2 Electrical Workers

Metering Services is responsible for installing electrical meters, maintaining them, and upgrading them. The Level 2 electricians ensure that metering equipment accurately records and measures electricity consumption. Watts Next Electrical – a respected electrical service provider – relies upon its Level 2 Electricians to efficiently handle metering, which ensures accurate billing for its clients.

  1. Connecting Service Lines: Level-2 electricians are authorised to connect or disconnect properties from and to the power distribution system. They play an essential role in ensuring that properties have a reliable source of electricity. This is especially true in new construction, development, and customer requests for connections or disconnection.
  2. Overhead, underground, and cabling: Level-2 electricians can work on overhead and underground cabling systems. These electricians have expertise in the installation and maintenance of electrical lines, which are used to transfer power from the network distribution system into residential, commercial, or industrial properties. This includes tasks like trenching, cable laying, and pole installation.
  3. Switchboard upgrade: Upgrading electrical switchboards is another responsibility of Level Two electricians. These electricians make sure properties have safe, efficient, and modern switchboards. These upgrades are crucial for improving a property’s electrical infrastructure and safety.
  4. Temporary Services for Builders – During construction projects or renovations, Level 2 Electricians provide temporary electric connections to contractors and builders. They install power systems to ensure construction sites have sufficient electricity for tools and machinery to be used safely.
  5. Electrical Repairs: Level 2 electrical technicians are also capable of handling repairs relating to power distribution. They can diagnose faults with electricity and fix them to maintain a reliable power supply.
  6. Compliance: Level 2 Electricians are knowledgeable about safety regulations. They ensure all electrical work that they perform is compliant with the safety codes. This will reduce the risk of electrical hazards and accidents. Watts Next Electrical puts a lot of emphasis on this commitment to safety.


Anyone seeking electrical services other than standard installations or repairs must understand the role and responsibilities of Level 2 technicians. Watts Next Electrical offers a full range of electrical services. From metering to service line connections and electrical repairs. Because of their technical knowledge and unwavering commitment to safety, Level 2 electricians are indispensable for maintaining a reliable, efficient, and safe electrical infrastructure.