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Who we are

Digital Beanstalk is all about quality experiences. We choose to keep our company tight-knit, so we have the time to care about every piece of work we produce. With this philosophy, we consistently deliver outstanding results.

Who We Work With

Digital Beanstalk specialises in branding for growing businesses. Strategic branding is our core, and we use this as our base for developing an effective message – both in print and digital materials. We work closely with our clients, making sure all the components of the marketing strategy Work harmoniously together, thereby helping the client find and communicate effectively with their target market.

Our Point of Difference

With Matt’s engineering background and Lisa’s branding experience, our team can translate our clients key selling points into a language that customers can understand. Our personal experience in these industries means that we already understand the lingo and conceptual groundwork of these companies, so the client doesn’t need to provide every bit of content before a project can start. This means we are quick to understand our clients’ needs – both at a practical and bigger-picture level and recommend the best solution for our clients to achieve their objectives. This bilateral communication between both us and our clients, and our client and their audience, is why our marketing materials are so effective.

Our team

Matt Thorne

Matt Thorne | Brand Strategist

At his core Matt is a problem solver. He doesn’t believe that anything exists in isolation and always strives to understand the bigger picture. He is a designer, a developer, an engineer and the ultimate communicator. Having knowledge of how systems work together and how people interact with them, is what allows him to create brands that work across all platforms. Originally from the UK, Matt trained as a mechanical and materials engineer. Working within the research and development field for 5 years has the given him the perfect skill-set to comprehend even the most advanced complexities of our clients’ industries. After relocating to Australia, he worked as a web designer, specialising in front end development for Drupal websites. Digital beanstalk was then created to pull together these experiences and skills.

Lisa McKenzie

Lisa Mckenzie | Design Director

Lisa’s background originated from a love of all things print. After spending a large part of her career working within the POS and
packing sector, Lisa realised the importance of perfecting the brand at its core. Without good branding, marketing materials and packaging were ineffective. After spending a decade in the industry, and working with some top Sydney agencies, Lisa saw a gap in the market, and an opportunity to give medium sized businesses the clarified message they desperately needed to succeed. Since joining Digital Beanstalk she has developed workshops and an innovative process to ensure companies get the most from their brand communication.

Lisa has a proven track record working with clients such as Dove, TRESemmé, Abbott Medical Optics, UGG Australia, Nestlé, Seafolly, Australian Tradional-Medicine Society, Rexona, Mövenpick, and the University of Sydney to name a few.

Nathan Sheahan | Graphic Designer

Nathan Sheahan | Graphic Designer

As a highly creative thinker, Nathan has an extreme passion towards designing anything visual, whether it be through the traditional form of print design or digital media. Nathan has a distinct artistic ability and an exceptional eye for detail which ensures every piece of work he creates is delivered with both innovation and perfection. His strong background in Point of Sale Design makes him a valued member of the Digital Beanstalk team. Nathan has worked with many leading B2C leading brands including Element, Jetpilot and Billabong to name a few.

Connie Neighbour

Connie Neighbour | Content Writer

Connie started off her career in the art department of film and T.V, but quickly discovered her passion was for writing. After working on novels and blogs, Connie decided to turn her attention to the world of copywriting and online content. 
Working with Digital Beanstalk, Connie is helping small to medium businesses reach their business goals through genuine content, considered research and SEO utilisation.

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