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Digital Beanstalk is a multi-service creative agency specialising in bringing brands to life across digital and print platforms. Below is a simple explanation of some of our base services. For additional information on how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Website design and development services by Digital Beanstalk


A website is a way to tell your brand story across a tailored, custom digital platform. In the digital age, a website is often the first thing your customers see, and first impressions count. For this reason we take a huge amount of care and pride in every site we build. We ensure that the website design will work in harmony with your branding and showcase your company in the best light possible. Every site that we produce is fully responsive so it will look as stunning on a mobile as it will a desktop. We typically use the content management system Drupal as a base for our sites which gives us access to a huge library of community developed modules. This allows us to focus on the design and allows you as the owner of the website to easily update the content yourself. We follow all best practices in user experience (UX design), branding a website, SEO, and even ongoing advice on items like blogs, and security updates.

Content creation services by Digital Beanstalk


Another aspect of a brand is the written communication. It is important to have a consistent brand voice across all marketing materials. This is where the role of a copywriter comes in. The copywriter is responsible creation of content, whilst maintaining a clear and consistent brand voice in line with your company values. This service can be used across all campaigns, from brochure content, to website content, search engine optimisation, blogs and social media. Our copywriters are trained to brief designers and developers highly efficiently. They know exactly how much content is appropriate to use and avoid the need to have designers making multiple changes. Why is this so valuable? Aside from getting highly engaging content, it can also often mean a reduced design cost for our clients.

Powerpoint presentation template creation services by Digital Beanstalk

PowerPoint & Presentation Templates

At digital beanstalk we always aim to think of the user first, and where you need to use your brand the most. For many of our clients, perfectly designed pitch and presentation templates are the best way to showcase their professionalism, and add an additional level of credibility to their company during presentations. For this reason, we offer all our clients comprehensive, easy to use, PowerPoint or keynote templates, uniquely designed to extend your brand. We happily supply the PowerPoint files as templates, so you are able to create and edit your own presentations whilst maintaining exceptional design.

Digital Beanstalk are experts in strategic brand design


We go a step beyond designing “just a logo”, we design an entire brand. This means developing a style guide, colour scheme, font selections, customised typography, branding assets and patterns to give a consistent look and feel across all platforms, even if you use multiple creative agencies. Aside from a comprehensive style guide and brand design, we also offer additional design items like branded Microsoft word and PowerPoint templates to enable you to maintain your brand across your own programs.

Animation and video creation services by Digital Beanstalk


Video is no longer an up-and-coming marketing tactic, it is now here, and a powerful way to communicate your brand story. 96% of B2B organisations use video in their marketing campaigns and 73% of those reported an increase in ROI (*hubspot). Animated videos are a highly engaging, fast and cost effective way to communicate with your customers. Without the need of a film crew, actors or a set, an animated video allows our clients huge opportunities for additional engagement.

Graphic design services services by Digital Beanstalk


We offer a broad range of graphic design and marketing services, including brochure design, print advertising, digital advertising, social media campaign concepts and design, capability documents, EDM design and development, annual reports, and much more. We pride ourselves on being able to advise our clients on the most effective way to manage their marketing, communications and design effectively within their budgets, and tell their company story through engaging communication strategies.